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Conference Miami 2017


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Technology, investment and people: business solutions for food security.



A Chinese View of the Future of Food and Agriculture

Panel Moderator: Langbao Wei, PhD (Presentation)
Chang Liu, President, New Hope Liuhe Limited (Presentation)
Jikun Huang, PhD (Presentation)

Patrick Yu, President, COFCO


The Role of Technology in Shaping the Future of the Food Supply Chain

Panel Moderator: Kristian Moeller | GlobalG.A.P.
Marissa Oude Weernink | MSC Supply Chain Management
Rotterdam School of Management |Erasmus University |The Netherlands (Presentation)
Raj Vardhan | Olam International Ltd. (Presentation)

Climate Change and Agribusiness Asset Investment

Panel Moderator: Wally Tyner, PhD, Purdue University
Bruce McCarl, Ph.D, Texas A&M University (Presentation)
Beth Ford, COO, Land O’Lakes (Presentation)
Jason Selking, Business Development Manager, CGB (Presentation)

FDA Action to Curb Antimicrobial Resistance: Animal Agriculture
Food Supply Chain Impacts

Panel Moderator: Walter Armbruster, President Emeritus, Farm Foundation
George Hoffman, CEO, RSI Inc. (Presentation)
Joe Swedberg, (Retired) Hormel Foods and Farm Foundation (Presentation)
Jamie Lehman, Director, The Maschoff's
Louis Russell, CEO, APC (Presentation)

Bucking the Trend of Africa’s Food Trade Deficit

Panel Moderator: John Purchase, CEO, Agbiz (All Presentations)
Ed Mabaya, Ph.D and Associate Director: Cornell International Institute for Food, Agriculture, and Development (CIIF AD), President: African Association of Agricultural Economists
Tinashe Kapuya, Head: Agbiz Trade Intelligence and Trade Specialist for Southern Africa Trade and Investment Hub (SATIH)
Thinus van Schoor, African Supply Chains Expert: Bureau for Food and Agriculture Policy (BFAP) Sharron Brown-Peters, Director of Learning of Agri-Colleges International

Space exploration as a Source of Technology Transfer in the Terrestrial Agri-Food Sector

Mike Dixon, Professor in the School of Environmental Sciences and Director of the Controlled Environ-ment Systems Research Facility (CESRF) and program, University of Guelph (Presentation)
Francesco Braga, Ph.D, CEO, IFAMA


The Fiancial Markets' Views of Future Global Food and Agribusiness Sector

Panel Moderator: Michael Gunderson, Ph.D. Purdue University
Eric Hansen, Rabobank, Client Solutions Team (Presentation)
Phillippe de Laperouse, Managing Director, High Quest Partners (Presentation)

The Challenges and opportunities from Increased Consolidation in the Food and Agribusiness Sector

Panel Moderator: Mike Boehlje, PhD
Aidan Connolly, Cheif Innovation Officer, Alltech
Chris Nay, Executive Vice President, National Food and Agribusiness, Wells Fargo
Robert Dongoski, Partner, Agribusiness Leader, Ernst & Young

A Scenario Planning Session Around the Key Drivers of Change in the Food and Agribusiness Industry

Panel Moderator: Marcos Fava Neves, Ph.D (Presentation)
Luciano Galera, Marketing and R&D Director, Agrociência Ourofino (Presentation)
Allan Gray, Professor, Purdue University (Presentation)
Victor Campanelli, Owner, Campanelli Farms (Presentation)
Marco Ripoli, Manager, Strategic Marketing for Latin America, John Deere (Presentation)

Keynote Presentation

Jason Clay, Senior Vice President, Markets & Food, World Wildlife Fund (Presentation)

2017 Symposium

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