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2016 Academic Symposium

The joint organisers cordially invite submissions for participation in the combined 26th Annual IFAMA World Conference and the 12th Wageningen International Conference on Chain and Network Management (WICaNeM).

Over the years, IFAMA and WICaNeM have made it their hallmark to bring together relevant innovations and research from industry and academia. For the 2016 event, these organisations have joined forces with Danish Food Cluster and the Universities of Bonn and Naples in a strong European collaboration. Together with more than 20 other international universities, they will present a truly global event in Aarhus, Denmark.

The symposium covers the following topics:

• The Role of Technology in Food Security
• Entrepreneurship in Agricultural Innovation
• Climate Smart Agriculture
• Food Security & Sustainability
• Innovation & Sustainability in Developing & Emerging Economies
• The Role of Big Data in Agriculture
• Economics & Management of Agribusiness: Global Challenges
• Multi-Stakeholder Organizations & Wicked Problems
• Agribusiness Education & People-Talent Development in the 21st Century
• Responsible Innovation & Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Chains & Networks
• The Role of Social Networks in Sustainable Business
• Innovative & Sustainable Food Logistics
• Governance & Contract Issues in Chains & Networks
• Food Loss & Waste

The following articles will be presented throughout the 4 days of the conference.

Download the latest version of the programme in PDF format.

*Click on the photo to magnify it.



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