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Agro Food Park

Agro Food Park is a cluster initiative, unifying specialized companies from all areas of the agricultural and food sector. Agro Food Park combines knowledge and entrepreneurship in order to accelerate innovation and handle the growing complexity caused by the multifunctional role of modern agriculture and food production. Among the issues we deal with are: sustainability, cultural and societal values as well as profitable and healthy food production for businesses regardless of size.

Since its establishment in 2009, Agro Food Park has developed rapidly and today includes 75 companies and institutions. The dairy giant, Arla Foods, is building a new global R&D center in Agro Food Park to be completed later this year and Aarhus University has announced it will place its Institute of Food at Agro Food Park within the next couple of years. Visit the site’s webpage to find out more information about their activities.

While visiting Agro Food Park you will be introduced to:

  • Agro Food Park and the story of a fast growing Innovation Ecosystem
  • Arla Foods’ new global R&D center including an animation of the finished building
  • The Incubation area with 25 entrepreneurs
  • A tour where you will meet some of the tenants
Agro Food Park
Agro Food Park


At SEGES you will be introduced to the Danish approach towards the eradication and control of Salmonella Dublin infections in the dairy and beef industry. Salmonella Dublin is an important food safety hazard in cattle production. SEGES Organic help the Danish organic farmers to produce. They focus on organic growth, efficiency, productivity and the joy in organic farming, growth in knowledge and creative visions to support the production and delivering of high quality organic food to the growing public demand.

Agro Food Park


Time Activity
13:00 Departure from the conference center
13:15 – 17:00 Site visit
17:30 Arrival at Tivoli Friheden
  • DATE: Tuesday June 21st 2016, 13:00 – 17:00
  • PRICE: $10 USD
  • REGISTRATION: Sign up for the event when registering for the IFAMA Conference here

Visit sponsored by

Read more about the event at Tivoli Friheden sponsored by Invest in Denmark.



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