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Moesgaard Museum, Aarhus

Moesgaard Museum is one of Denmark’s leading attractions not only because of its architectural design and exhibitions, but also because of its location overlooking the forest and the sea to the south of Aarhus. The museum has been awarded two stars in the Michelin travel guide.

Moesgaard Museum presents Denmark’s past in a breathtaking architectural setting. The evolutionary stairway at Moesgaard Museum is not only a key element of the architecture, it is also an opportunity to see where human beings originate from.

The museum’s exhibitions present several unrivalled archaeological findings from Denmark’s ancient past, including the Grauballe Man – the world’s best preserved bog body – and weapons caches from Illerup Ådal, testifying to the power struggles and warfare of the Iron Age.

Participants will be divided into smaller groups for a guided tour of the museum – a tour called “Food in a million years”. Tea, coffee and cake will be provided at the conclusion of the tour after which participants will have time to return to the exhibition halls or take a walk in the beautiful surroundings – including the grass roof of the museum.

Moesgaard Museum


Time Activity
13:00 Departure from the conference center
13:45 – 17:00 Guided tour, and tea, coffee and cake
17:00 Arrival at Tivoli Friheden
  • DATE: Tuesday June 21st 2016, 13:00 – 17:00
  • PRICE: USD 50 (includes bus, entree fee and afternoon tea)
  • REGISTRATION: Sign up for the event when registering for the IFAMA Conference here

Read more about the event at Tivoli Friheden sponsored by Invest in Denmark.



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