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Confirmed keynote speakers & speakers

At IFAMA 2016, you can meet top-level keynote speakers, who will address the three topics:
People, Climate and Big Data. Six keynote sessions will be held during the conference, with two to four prominent speakers at each.

Keynote speakers

Phil Hogan
Phil HoganEU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development
Phil Hogan has been the European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development since November 2015. Formerly a prominent figure in Irish local and national politics, he now oversees the sustainable development and growth of the EU agricultural sector. Commissioner Hogan believes that the EU has a key role to play in improving global food security and is committed to employing existing and new instruments to address this global challenge.
How can Europe contribute to Food Security 2050?
Bent Hansen
Bent HansenChairman of the Regional Council of Central Denmark

Bent Hansen has over 30 years of experience in regional politics. He has represented the Central Denmark region in many national and international initiatives on sustainable agriculture, environmental solutions and health innovation, such as Fremtidens Landbrug (The future of agriculture) and the Sino-Danish cooperation on Food Safety and Health

How can Europe contribute to Food Security 2050?
Peder Tuborgh
Peder TuborghCEO of Arla Foods
Peder Tuborgh began his career in the food industry in 1987. After holding various managerial and executive positions, he became CEO of the Danish-Swedish dairy cooperative Arla Foods in 2005. He leads Arla Foods towards its overarching goal – to create value for the farmers who own the company, but also to improve the lives of people and contribute positively to society.
New Paths in Food Innovation and Sustainability
Flemming Besenbacher
Flemming Besenbacher Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Carlsberg A/S and the Carlsberg Foundation

Flemming Besenbacher is also a professor of nanoscience and physics at Aarhus University and has published over 650 articles in international, peer-reviewed journals, including the prominent publications “Nature” and “Science”. He has been a member of several international advisory committees and achieved important awards in his investigation fields, such as the 2012 International Science and Technology Cooperation Award of the People’s Republic of China and the Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Microscopical Society in 2013.

New Paths in Food Innovation and Sustainability
New Paths in Food Innovation and Sustainability
Kristian Jensen
Kristian JensenDanish Minister of Foreign Affairs
Kristian Jensen has been the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Denmark and Deputy Prime Minister since 2015. He has been a member of the parliament, Folketinget, since 1998 for the liberal party Venstre. From 2004-2010 he served as the Minister for Taxation. At Venstre’s congress in 2009 Kristian Jensen was elected Vice President of the party.
Esben Laulund
Esben LaulundChairman of Danish Food Cluster and Senior VP at Chr. Hansen A/S
Esben Laulund is Senior Vice President for the R&D Microbial Platform organization in the Science, Technology and Supply Division of Chr. Hansen A/S. Chr. Hansen A/S is a global supplier of bioscience based ingredients to the food, health, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. Esben commenced his career with Chr. Hansen in 1986 and has since 1996 worked within the R&D field. In 2007 Esben was appointed head of the Innovation organization which recently has been transformed into the R&D Microbial Platform. Esben has in this position been instrumental in the transformation of Chr. Hansen A/S into the current focus on microbial solutions as defined in the company Natures #1 strategy. Esben is currently chairman of the Danish Food Cluster and chairman of the InSPIRe Platform, a project funded by the Strategic Innovation Foundation in Denmark. Esben has a background in Dairy Science and Technologies from Copenhagen University with follow up education from SIMI and MIT-Sloan and IMD within managing Strategy and Innovation.
Margrethe Jonkman
Margrethe JonkmanCorporate R&D Director FrieslandCampina, Netherlands
Margrethe Jonkman obtained her PhD from Wageningen University and has been working in the dairy industry since 1997. Before being named Corporate Director of R&D, she was Director of Innovation for Infant and Toddler Nutrition at Royal FrieslandCampina, where she overviewed the elaboration of innovative products that would contribute to the growth and development of children. She also serves as board member at Technology Foundation STW.
New Paths in Food Innovation and Sustainability
Theo Camps
Theo CampsChairman of the Board of Berenschot Consultancy
Prof. Dr. Theo Camps graduated with a degree in Public Administration from Radboud University Nijmegen and earned his PhD from the University of Twente in 1995. He is Chairman of the board of Berenschot Groep as well as of several other private and public organisations. Prof. Camps also teaches at the TIAS School of Business and Society.
Food design and Innovation
Johan van Rooyen
Johan van RooyenChairman of IFAMA
Dr Johan van Rooyen is currently the director of “the Standard Bank Centre for Agri-leadership & Mentorship Development” and professor in Agricultural Economics at Stellenbosch University. To-date he published more than 100 peer group refereed scientific papers, five academic books on Agri-business & Agri- development and presented over 100 papers at local and international events. He is a NRF rated scientist. Prof van Rooyen serves on a number of boards and committees of agri-business companies and agencies and has been appointed IFAMA president for the 2015-2017 term.
Food design and Innovation
Onno Omta
Onno OmtaChairman of WICaNeM

Prof. Onno Omta holds a PhD in Business Administration from the University of Groningen and was Associate Professor in Innovation Management at the same institution. He has been conducting research in strategic management of innovation in chains and networks at Wageningen University for 16 years, and has published scientific papers on the topics of food technology, innovation and food chains. He is also Executive Committee member of IFAMA and IFAMA Europe, and Chairman of WICaNeM.

Lone Ryg Olsen
Lone Ryg OlsenCEO of Danish Food Cluster, Denmark

Lone Ryg Olsen is the CEO of Danish Food Cluster, one of the co-hosting organisations behind IFAMA 2016. Trained in media and communication at the University of Copenhagen and Aarhus School of Journalism, she began her career as a reporter and editor at the Danish national newspaper Jyllands Posten. She has since held top-level management positions at Elbodan, BTX Group and Netværk Denmark, as well as in public institutions. In 2010, she founded Working Relations, an HR and communications firm.

Food innovation through clusters in Europe
Roger van Hoesel
Roger van HoeselManaging Director Food Valley NL, Netherlands
Roger Van Hoesel obtained both his Master’s and PhD degrees from Erasmus University Rotterdam, where he also worked an Assistant professor from 1989 to 1997. Before becoming Managing Director at Food Valey NL, Mr. Van Hoesel worked as a researcher and consultant at Buck Consultants International and Rijnconsult, and held the Executive Director position at the Food Valley NL Representative Office in China.
Food innovation through clusters in Europe
Arjen van Tunen
Arjen van TunenCEO KeyGene, Netherlands
Arjen J. van Tunen (1958) graduated as MSc. in Medical Biology in 1986 and as PdD in Genetics in 1991, both from the University of Amsterdam.
He worked 10 years for Plant Research International. First as Groupleader Molecular genetics of floral organ formation in flowers (1991-1995), followed by Head of department Cell Biology (1995-1998) and finally as Director Research (1998-2001). In 2001 he became Director of the Swammerdam Institute for Life Science of the University of Amsterdam. In 2004 he joined KeyGene, Wageningen, the Netherlands as CEO and as president of KeyGene USA.

Arjen is also Board Member of EuropaBio, HollandBio (Dutch Biotech Association) and Food Valley.NL.

Arjen’s main research interest is the development and application of novel AgFood and AgroBiotechnological crop improvement methods for economically important traits such as yield, quality, resistances and abiotic stresses.

About KeyGene
The crop innovation company
KeyGene is a privately owned Ag Biotech company with its primary focus on crop innovation. KeyGene’s approach is to enable molecular genetics for the future of global agriculture. KeyGene supports its strategic partners with cutting edge breeding technologies, bioinformatics and plant-based trait platforms, with more than 135 employees worldwide. KeyGene has sites in Wageningen, the Netherlands and in Rockville, USA.


Food security, new crops and reducing food waste
Lotta Torner
Lotta TornerVice Director Skaane Food Innovation Network
Lotta Törner is the CEO of the Skane Food Innovation Network,that fertilize cooperation and innovation among actors within the food and packaging industry, regulatory authorities, agricultural organisations, trade sales stakeholders, and universities in the south of Sweden. The Network’s task is to, within the network, develop the food of the future and the technologies and processes to enable this to be produced. Through the co-operation of different skills and open Innovation the objective is to be a world-leading food industry cluster. Lotta is also the Chairperson of the CEO Network for commercial food businesses in southern Sweden and an Executive Advisor for Food Nexus Nordic.
Food innovation through clusters in Europe
Selina Juul
Selina JuulStop Wasting Food NGO, Denmark
Selina Juul is Founder of Stop Wasting Food movement Denmark (Stop Spild Af Mad), Denmark’s largest non-profit NGO against food waste, which contributed to the Danish national reduction in food waste by 25%. Denmark’s leading Expert on Food Waste, Food Activist, International Keynote Speaker, TEDx Speaker, Lecturer and Author. Partner in projects and campaigns with EU and UN. Selina Juul is Winner of Nordic Council Nature and Environment Prize, Winner of Svend Auken Prize, Recipient of Cross of Merit Pro Utilitate Hominum of Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem Knights Hospitaller, Winner of Junior Chamber International Denmark’s The Outstanding Young Person Award and a Recipient of Dane of the Year 2014 title for her work against food waste. Included in Who’s Who in Denmark.
Food security through new tech, new crops and reducing food waste
Bo Damgaard
Bo DamgaardHead of Global Marketing, FOSS Denmark
Bo Damgaard is VP Marketing and previously Head of Business Innovation at FOSS Analytical. Prior to joining FOSS, he has held a number of managerial positions in innovation, business development and marketing in the food ingredients and the biotech industries. Bo holds an MBA from IMD and an MSc Biochemical Engineering from Technical University of Denmark.
Analytical innovations for a sustainable and secure food supply
Erik Sejersen
Erik SejersenHead Food Section Central Denmark Region
Erik Sejersen is head of department in Regional Development, Central Denmark Region. He holds a degree in political science and has for a number of years worked with regional development, primarily in food innovation, tourism and culture. The effort within food development has had a focus on innovation in SMEs, national and international collaboration and development.
Food innovation through clusters in Europe
Jacques de Groot
Jacques de GrootHead Quality Assurance , VanDrie Group, the Netherlands
Martin Lindrum Toft
Martin Lindrum ToftCEO Original Chia, Denmark
Martin Lindrum Toft is the founder of Original Chia and ambassador for the use of Chia to prevent hunger and improve nutritional health worldwide. Martin Lindrum Toft has been in the hotel and restaurant business for more than 20 years but since January 28th 2009 he has been devoted to Chia.
Rene Damkjer
Rene DamkjerCEO Elite Foods, Demark
Martin Lindrum Toft is the founder of Original Chia and ambassador for the use of Chia to prevent hunger and improve nutritional health worldwide. Martin Lindrum Toft has been in the hotel and restaurant business for more than 20 years but since January 28th 2009 he has been devoted to Chia.

Round table speakers

Gregory Baker
Gregory BakerDirector Food & Agribusiness Institute, Naumes Family Professor, USA
Gregory Baker is Director of the Food and Agribusiness Institute and Professor of Management in the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University. He is a former editor of the International Food and Agribusiness Management Review. His research focuses on hunger, food safety, and childhood obesity. He teaches courses related to food innovation and food industry management and frequently leads immersion programs to Africa, Asia, and the Americas.
Stefano Pascucci
Stefano PascucciAssociate Professor in Management Studies, Wageningen University, Netherlands
Stefano Pascucci is an associate professor in innovation and organization of agribusiness at Wageningen University (NL). He holds a PhD in Agricultural Economics and Policy. His research interests are related to the organization, innovation and sustainability of international food value chains, and more recently to circular economy. Stefano has published, among others, in the European Review of Agricultural Economics, Food Policy, Journal of Business Ethics and Agricultural Systems. Stefano serves as member of the editorial board of the British Food Journal. He is member of the Institutional and Organizational Economics Academy and alumnus of the Ronald Coase Institute.
Sebastian Senési
Sebastian SenésiDirector Department of Institutions, Organizations and Strategy, FAUBA, Argentina
Sebastián Senesi is the Director of the Food and Agribusiness Program. since 2013. He holds a degree in Agricultural Engineering and a Masters degree in Food and Agribusiness from the University of Buenos Aires. He is the Director of the Food and Agribusiness Masters Program and of the Executive Program in Agri-food Foreign Trade. Prof. Senesi develops teaching, researching and consulting related to the organization, innovation and sustainability of food value chains. He has published over 80 papers and other research projects in journals, magazines and newspapers. He wrote 2 books, participated in 11 books and 3 book chapters as author or co-author.
Jacques Trienekens
Jacques TrienekensPersonal professor in Management Studies, Wageningen University, Netherlands
Jacques H. Trienekens is professor at the Management Studies group of Wageningen University, in The Netherlands. He is editor and managing editor of Journal on Chain and Network Science and International Food and Agribusiness Management Review respectively. His research and education focus on chain and network management in agribusiness and the food industry. Jacques Trienekens is Fellow of International Food and Agribusiness Management Association (IFAMA).
Brent Ross
Brent RossMichigan State University, USA
Dr. Ross joined the MSU AFRE faculty in June 2008 as an Assistant Professor of Food Industry Management. He is appointed in the MSU tenure system. His primary research interests include the dynamics of entrepreneurship and the use of simulation methods to explore organizational phenomena in the agri-food system. Current and previous research studies have focused on modeling the process of identification and exploitation of entrepreneurial opportunities in the agri-food system, the role of social capital in network formation and sustainability, financing alternative governance structures in agri-food industries, and business development in LDCs. In addition to his research, Brent also teaches courses in food industry management and food marketing. Prior to joining the AFRE faculty, Brent was a Visiting Assistant Professor of Strategy in the College of Business at the University of Illinois.
Francesco Braga
Francesco BragaUniversity of Guelph, Canada & CEO, IFAMA
Francesco Braga is a faculty member in the Department of Management of the College of Business and Economics at the University of Guelph, and is CEO of the International Food and Agribusiness Management Association (IFAMA). His areas of specialization is agribusiness with an emphasis on applications of Futures and Options to pricing problems, agribusiness case writing, and leadership in sustainable agribusiness. At Guelph he served in the Board of Governors of the University, and several Senate Mandates for his Alma Mater, the Ontario Agricultural college. He was elected as honorary President of the 05A class. A Fellow of IFAMA, he served for 5 years as Executive Editor of the international Food and Agribusiness Management Review, for 9 years as Board Members of IFAMA (Past Member of Executive Committee, Audit Committee, Academic Publications Committee), as co-founder and initial co-Chair of the Student Case Competition . He has been Director of the residential MBA in Agribusiness at the university of Guelph 1999-2004. Currently he hosts a Leadership in Sustainable Agribusiness Student Case Competition at Guelph (now in its fifth edition) and at the University of Buenos Aires (now in its fourth edition). He is currently developing the IFAMA Case Initiative, designed to encourage undergraduate students to become familiar with cases and start writing their own peer reviewed cases, this to facilitate the development of their own professional wisdom. He is a dual citizen of the European Union (Italy) by birth and Canada by choice, Very actively professionally in Canada, the European Union and Latin America, he is fluent in Italian, English and Spanish. He is married to Rita, the love of his life. They have two children and a grand child.
Peter Goldsmith
Peter GoldsmithEditor-in-Chief IFAMR, USA
Dr. Goldsmith graduated in 1995 from the Ohio State University with a PhD in Agricultural Economics. He is currently an Associate Professor of Agribusiness Management in the Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics, University of Illinois. In addition to his PhD, Dr. Goldsmith has received an MBA specializing in Finance, and undergraduate degrees in Dairy Science and Political Science. His research interest is global agro-industrial marketing and strategy. Dr. Goldsmith, has worked the last dozen years in Mato Grosso Brazil and Argentina and is one of the world’s leading soybean economists with unique expertise in tropical soybean production and agro-industrial development.In 2013, Dr. Goldsmith was awarded a $25,000,000 grant to lead USAID’s Soybean Innovation Lab. He currently directs the Food and Agribusiness Management program at the University of Illinois, is a Fellow and board member of IFAMA, and has served as the Executive Editor of the IFAMR since 2008.
John Hollick
John HollickPresident, Conserval Engineering
A professional engineer by training and inventor of SolarWall, John Hollick has one of the longest track records of anyone in the solar heating and drying areas. Spanning four decades, Hollick has spawned a raft of unique technologies and related innovations that enable us to harness solar thermal energy. His invention of the unglazed transpired collector (branded as “SolarWall®”) set the standard for the global solar air heating sector because of its high efficiency and low cost. Some of his other inventions include a combination PV/thermal system that generates both heat and electricity from the same surface area, a nocturnal radiation cooling system for roofs of buildings and a solar chimney tower that uses low temperature solar heat to generate electricity. John Hollick, CEO Conserval Group of Companies Toronto Canada A professional engineer by training and inventor of SolarWall, John Hollick has one of the longest track records of anyone in the solar heating and drying areas. Spanning four decades, Hollick has spawned a raft of unique technologies and related innovations that enable us to harness solar thermal energy. His invention of the unglazed transpired collector (branded as “SolarWall®”) set the standard for the global solar air heating sector because of its high efficiency and low cost. Some of his other inventions include a combination PV/thermal system that generates both heat and electricity from the same surface area, a nocturnal radiation cooling system for roofs of buildings and a solar chimney tower that uses low temperature solar heat to generate electricity. Hollick has represented Canada on various International Energy Agency (IEA) Tasks from 1990 through to the present, and most recently is involved in the IEA Task 56 in Europe on building integrated renewable energy. He was instrumental in pushing for the ISO 9806 international solar collector test standard for air collectors.
Karen Hækkerup
Karen HækkerupCEO of the Danish Food and Agriculture Council
Niels Dijkman
Niels DijkmanHead Sustainability Corporate Banking, ABN AMRO bank
Niels Dijkman is responsible for Sustainability within ABN AMRO Corporate Banking. The Corporate Banking division ( ~ 5000 FTE) serves wholesale clients, mainly nationally and partly internationally, especially within our trade and commodity finance franchise (ECT). Niels graduated in 1997 in Financial Economics. After working several years in corporate finance, Niels gained expertise in the Food & Agri sector. Insights in the strategic considerations of these clients made him switch to his current role, where stakeholder value gives better guidance than solely shareholder value.
Markus Frank
Markus FrankBASF Crop Protection: Sustainability Assessment, Germany
Markus Frank is a biologist and holds a PhD in Plant Physiology from University of Tubingen, Germany. In his 15 years with BASF SE in Germany , he worked in BASF in R&D for crop protection and plant biotechnology and strategic marketing. For the last five years, he has been responsible for the Global Sustainability Assessment in BASF Crop Protection. The main focal area of his team is socio-economic life cycle assessment in diverse agricultural production systems in all parts of the world.
Towards sustainable N management – improving
nutrient efficiency for optimized yields and environmental health
Chris Brett
Chris BrettSenior Vice President and Head of Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability, OLAM International, UK
Chris Brett was appointed as the Senior Vice President Head of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CR&S) for Olam International in 2007, and is a member of the senior leadership team. He has a Master’s Degree in Management for Agricultural Development from Cranfield University in the United Kingdom. He has more than thirty years’ experience of working within the private, public and voluntary sectors in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Prior to working with Olam, He worked for 6 years in Central America as a Private Sector Development Advisor (1995-2001) for Department for International Development. From 2001 to 2007, he undertook a range of consultancies for a range of lead development organisations and the private sector, such as: the World Bank, International Finance Corporation, African Development Bank, European Union, United Nations Development Programme, commercial banks and infrastructural development companies. Chris has developed Olam’s CR&S policies and practices and leads their integration into the company’s business product models.
Ivar Ravn
Ivar RavnExecutive Director, SEGES Crop & Environment, Denmark
Ivar Ravn is the Executive Director, of SEGES Crop & Environment and since January 2016 he has also been the Coordinating Director of SEGES. He has more than 20 years of experience in the agricultural advisory business. Previously he has also played an important role at the Danish Agriculture and Food Council overseeing the contact and relations between the Council and the 43 local agricultural advisory companies. Ivar Ravn is characterised by his engagement and dedication to Danish farmers and this is reflected in all of his efforts to create value for farmers.
Jack van der Vorst
Jack van der VorstGeneral Director Social Sciences Group, Wageningen University and Research Centre, Netherlands
Professor Dr. Jack G.A.J. van der Vorst (1970) is General Director of the Social Sciences Group and member of the Board of Directors of Wageningen UR, The Netherlands. From 2005 to 2015 he was Chair of the Operations Research and Logistics Group and Head of the Management Decision Support section at Wageningen University. His research focuses on the development of innovative and sustainable logistics concepts in AgriFood Supply Chain Networks. Jack won many industrial and scientific research grants and was coordinator and/or work package leader of EU projects and national co-innovation projects. From 2001-2005 he was active as management consultant for food industries and agribusiness at consultancy firm Rijnconsult. Jack lectured in BSc, MSc and MBA programs and was program director of the Executive Mastercourse Hortibusiness. He (co)authored over 100 peer reviewed articles and is member of several Supervisory and Advisory Boards.
Marcos Capdepont
Marcos CapdepontDirector Agro YPF, Argentina
Dorte Bech Vizard
Dorte Bech VizardDirector Invest in Denmark
Nick van den Berg
Nick van den BergStrategist Economic Development, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Born in 1953 in the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Started as a social worker in city renewal areas in Rotterdam. Manager of a local education center. Started in 1989 as an account manager for the municipality of Rotterdam with a focus on real-estate development, business parcs and retail projects. Experienced in city development projects, based on the combination of city renewal and economics. Later working as an urban developer for the economic department with a focus on digital economics, smart cities and new business start-ups. Currently searching for new innovative power in the regional food cluster as a development manager for the Rotterdam Foodcluster in cooperation with international businesses and knowledge institutes. Transition of the food sector is urgent and inspires to innovate in the perspective of sustainability and global climate change.
Woody Maijers
Woody MaijersInHolland University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands
Woody has a background of developing and managing large triple helix co-innovation – and learning programs (> 100 million Euro) in the food network and building value driven food chains. He started in 1990 with his professional carrier as a consultant and since 2004 he is professor at the Inholland University, Agri Food & Life Sciences, university of applied Sciences. His focus is to develop new relationships and structures between education – business – research and government. Major activities are:
-coaching board members of universities and colleges to reposition the school
-building joined regional development programs based on triple helix cooperation. His consultancy firm The Value Chain Coach is active in Africa and Asia coaching large research and education programs for business driven Value Chain development.

Latest activities are: analysing regional innovation networks, short food chains development, mapping regional business networks, developing a dating site for short food chain development (Business to Business), development and a new bachelor program based on job learning for horticulture (lifelong learning) and research member of the Rotterdam Food for the Future project, part of the Rotterdam transition Next Economy à next professional à next education.

Gerry Kouwenhoven
Gerry KouwenhovenManager Research and Innovation Centre Agribusiness, Food & Life sciences, Inholland University of Applied Sciences
Gerry Kouwenhoven has a Master degree in Business Administration, 10 years’ experience in business, 10 years of management and teaching experience and since 2007 program manager and researcher at the Inholland University of Applied Sciences. She is involved in research and programmes dealing with business and innovative business models, entrepreneurship, sustainability and supply chains.
Domenico Dentoni
Domenico DentoniThe Global Centre for Food Systems Innovation, Netherlands
Dr. Domenico Dentoni is Assistant Professor in the Management Studies Group at Wageningen University (Netherlands), co-founder and Principal Investigator at the Global Center for Food Systems Innovation (GCFSI) funded by US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Governments of Ecuador, Malaysia, Netherlands, Poland and Australia. As lead of the GCFSI, Domenico conducts projects in five African countries (Malawi, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Rwanda), two South American countries (Brazil and Ecuador) and across multiple European countries that design, manage, bridge and evaluate multi-stakeholder partnerships stimulating systemic change and tackling wicked problems in agribusiness and beyond. He has achieved his PhD at the Department of Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics of Michigan State University (MSU) with major in Agribusiness Management and Strategy and minor in International Development in 2006-2009. As an outcome of his multidisciplinary research work, Domenico has published in a wide range of agribusiness management, sustainability science and business ethics journals including Food Policy, International Food and Agribusiness Management Review, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Organizational Change Management, Journal of Cleaner Production and Marine Policy among the others.
Jan Boeg Hansen
Jan Boeg HansenCEO Danish Crown Ingredients
Jan Boeg Hansen holds a MSc in Dairy Science combined with a commercial degree (MBA); Mr. Boeg Hansen has 30 years’ experience from international food ingredients companies combined with experience from start-up companies in science and food areas.Mr. Boeg Hansen is presently CEO of DC Ingredients, a new ingredients company in the Danish Crown group responsible for re-valorizing by-products and developing new high value ingredients and products from waste stream
Jaideep Biswas
Jaideep BiswasVice President Olam International, UK
Jaideep Biswas is an HR Professional with ~16 years of experience in an Agri Commodity/Food processing, FMCG and Engineering Technology environment. He has worked in multinationals like General Electric and with reputed Indian companies like Asian Paints and Britannia before joining Olam International in 2009 to head the Human Resources function for India. In 2013, Jaideep moved over to Lagos to head the HR function for the Nigeria operations of Olam. The Nigeria operations is one of the largest and more complex operation of the company with a turnover of approx. $1.3B and with a employee base of more than 2600. The role requires Jaideep to provide HR leadership to the organization with a large multicultural workforce spread over multiple locations. Over the years Jaideep has had extensive exposure to a Business Partner HR Role, Performance Management Systems, Career Development Methods and Industrial Relations.
P.G. Chengappa
P.G. ChengappaPresident of the Agricultural Economics Research Association (AERA) and Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR), National Professor at the Institute for Social and Economic Change, India
Dr Chengappa is a leading Agricultural Economist in India. He is currently working as a National Professor of Indian Council of Agricultural Research, at the Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bangalore. He has specialised in Agribusiness and trade. He has over 35 years of experience in teaching, research and extension. He served as the Vice Chancellor and Dean at the University of Agricultural Sciences Bangalore. Undertaken consultancy at IFPRI, IRRI, DSE Germany and visiting scholor, Universities of Reading and Wales. He was president (Elect), Indian Society of Agricultural Economics 2012 and currently President, Agricultural Economics Review Association, New Delhi. Prof. Chengappa is/was associated with several academic bodies and policy making committees constituted by the Government: Member, Committee constituted by Government of India for Extending Agriculture Assistance to Sri Lanka. Member, Scientific Committee, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India; Working Group, Planning Commission of India on Agricultural Marketing;Member, Indian delegation to the convention on Biological Diversity held at Hyderabad in 2012.
W. Scott Hine
W. Scott HineVice President Products & Solutions and Chief Innovation, Novus International, USA
Scott Hine is the Vice President of Products & Solutions and Chief Innovation Officer at Novus International, Inc. He is responsible for managing innovation, research and product development for Novus such that it is an integrated, collaborative service provider, producing and supporting a pipeline of products that achieve growth with differentiated, industry-relevant solutions. Previously, Scott served as the Vice President of Operations and Chief Information Officer, where he was responsible for establishing and managing global corporate-level strategic planning and implementation of Operations, Information Technology matters and Regulatory Affairs.
Will Martin
Will MartinSenior Research Fellow at IFPRI and President of the IAAE
Mr. William J. MartinSenior Research Fellow International Food Policy Research InstituteWill Martin is Senior Research Fellow at the International Food Policy Research Institute and President of the International Association of Agricultural Economists. His recent research has focused primarily on the impacts of changes in food and trade policies and food prices on poverty and food security in developing countries. His research has also examined the impact of major trade policy reforms—including the Uruguay Round; the Doha Development Agenda; and China’s accession to the WTO—on developing countries; implications of climate change for poor people; and implications of improvements in agricultural productivity in developing countries. He trained in economics and agricultural economics at the University of Queensland, the Australian National University and Iowa State University and worked at the Australian Bureau of Agricultural Economics, the Australian National University and the World Bank before joining IFPRI in 2015.
Eric Jackson
Eric JacksonChief Sustainability Officer, Conservis, USA.
Eric Jackson has been involved in commercial agriculture for over 30 years. He served as Market Development Manager for The Pillsbury Company, CEO & President of International Proteins Corporation, and Senior Vice President and on the Board of Directors of The Scoular Company. He co-founded Global Risk Management as well as CP Holdings LLC,  and served as CEO-in-Residence for Renewable Energy with the Office for Technology Commercialization at the University of Minnesota.
Trine Balskilde Stoltenborg
Trine Balskilde StoltenborgEnergi Akademiet
Trin Balskilde Stoltenborg is industrial PhD and project leader at Samso Energy Academy that created renewable energy island, now working on Fossil free and Full Circle island among others in a circular economy context as it re-think and re-connect resources, business and people.
Steve Sonka
Steve SonkaUniversity of Illinois, USA
Steve Sonka is Emeritus Chaired Professor of Agricultural Strategy at the University of Illinois and Senior Fellow at the Ed Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets at the University of Maryland. At Illinois, he was the first faculty member to hold the Soybean Industry Chair in Agricultural Strategy.   His administrative responsibilities included serving as the Vice Chancellor for Public Engagement as well as being the Founding Director of both the National Soybean Research Laboratory and the ADM Institute for the Preventions of Postharvest Loss.  A co-founder of the Centrec Consulting Group, LLC, in Savoy, Illinois, he was a partner there for more than 25 years.
An economist reared on a smallholder farm in the Midwest United States, his scholarship emphasizes strategic change and decision making.  In 1983, he authored Computers in Farming, the first text devoted to computer use in the sector.  An author or coauthor of over 220 publications, his international experiences include consulting and lecturing on every continent except Antarctica.
Michael Nieuwesteeg
Michael NieuwesteegManaging Director NVC, Netherlands
Michael Nieuwesteeg MSc MEng (1959) is managing director of NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre. NVC (founded in 1953) is the association of 550+ companies (retailers, packaged goods manufacturers, packaging and machinery suppliers, service providers, recyclers, etc.) addressing the activity of packaging throughout the supply chain of packaged products. The NVC membership, joined innovation projects, information services and education programme stimulate the continuous improvement of packaging. Business education in packaging is increasingly offered online ,with live tutors. This provides full interactivity for the participants, without the need to travel. Michael is the contact for the NVC project Crowdfunding for Packaging Innovation. This project aims to accelerate innovation in the packaging of food and non-food products to the benefit of society, business and environment.
William H. Meyers
William H. MeyersProfessor Food and Agricultural Research Institute, University of Missouri, USA
William H. Meyers is Emeritus Professor of Agricultural and Applied Economics, and Director of CAFNR International Programs, University of Missouri. He was Professor of Economics at Iowa State University from 1979 to 2003. He was Director, Agriculture and Economic Development Division of the FAO from 1999 to 2002. He has been a Senior Fellow at University of Bologna in 2011 and Visiting Consultant at the World Bank in 1999. His professional career has been devoted primarily to economicmodeling and analysis of agricultural trade and policy interactions and impacts for the United States and many other countries, policy reform and economic development in transition countries of Europe, and international agricultural, and rural development policy. He has published widely in these areas, the latest being co-editor with Professor Andy Schmitz of the book Transition to Agricultural Market Economies: The Future of Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine just published by CABI.
Christian Selmer Fredsø
Christian Selmer FredsøStrategic developer, circular economy team, Central Denmark Region
Christian Fredsø works with Business development at a Regional Level in a team that focuses on ”Circular Economy” with the mission to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.
Frances Fortuin
Frances FortuinFood Valley NL, Netherlands
Anne Maria Hansen
Anne Maria HansenHead of innovation at Danish Technological Institute
Anne Maria Hansen is Innovation Director within Life Sciences at Danish Technological Institute (DTI), a self-owned and not-for-profit institution that develops, apply and disseminate research- and technologically-based knowledge for the Danish and International business sectors. Anne Maria has more than 20 years of experience of managing research based innovation (R&D
projects, consultancy and events) within the area of Food Science & Technology. Anne Maria is pt managing a cross-disciplinary strategic effort within efficient utilization of bioressouces at DTI: Anne Maria is i.a. member of the board of Danish Food Cluster, Future Food Innovation and FoodNetwork.
Nikolai Milman
Nikolai MilmanProject Manager Danish Food Cluster, Denmark
Nikolai Milman is the Project Manager of the World Food Challenge project and has worked for Danish Food Cluster since 2015. Mr. Milman has extensive experience with project management, and human resources and event administration. From 2000 until 2015 he held the position of Marketing and Event Manager at Tivoli Friheden in Aarhus.
Allan W. Gray
Allan W. GrayDirector, Center for Food and Agricultural Business and Land O'Lakes Chair in Food and Agribusiness, Department of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University
Allan Gray serves as director of the Center for Food and Agricultural Business and the MS-MBA in Food and Agribusiness Management. He joined the agricultural economics faculty at Purdue University in August 1998. Allan currently holds the position of Land O’Lakes Chair in Food and Agribusiness. As director, Allan provides strategic direction for the center and MS-MBA in Food and Agribusiness Management, a dual-degree, online program offered in partnership by Purdue and Indiana University. He works with food and agribusiness managers in the center’s professional development seminars and workshops, while also continuing to teach strategic agribusiness management in the undergraduate, master’s and MS-MBA programs. Allan’s research interests are agribusiness management, strategic planning, decision making in uncertain environments and simulation. He also works on the Large Commercial Producer Survey, conducted every five years by the center, which explores the attitudes and buying behaviors of large commercial producers. In addition, Allan has researched the management implications of real-options thinking, the risks and returns to alternative vertical business relationships and the human capital constraints of agribusinesses. He has won numerous awards, including the American Agricultural Economics Association’s (AAEA) Distinguished Extension/Outreach Program Award, the Purdue University Dean’s Team Award and the United States Distance Learning Association’s Excellence in Distance Teaching Award. In 2012, he received the inaugural Early Career Leadership Award from the National Association of Agricultural Economics Administrators, a subsection of AAEA.
Simone Le Ray
Simone Le RayAnalyst at the Economics and Trade Section of the French Embassy in Denmark
Simone Le Ray is counsellor for agriculture and environment at the French Embassy in Denmark. She holds a M.Sc. in Policies and Economics of Agriculture from Agrocampus Ouest, in France. She has been working at the Embassy since 2012.

Partners of the conference

Speakers at opening and closure forum Monday, June 20th and Thursday, June 23rd.

Johan van Rooyen
Johan van RooyenChairman of IFAMA
In addition to his responsibilities as director, Johan van Rooyen is professor in agricultural economics at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. He is the current IFAMA President for the period 2015-2019.
Onno Omta
Onno OmtaChairman of WICaNeM

Prof. Onno Omta holds a PhD in Business Administration from the University of Groningen and was Associate Professor in Innovation Management at the same institution. He has been conducting research in strategic management of innovation in chains and networks at Wageningen University for 16 years, and has published scientific papers on the topics of food technology, innovation and food chains. He is also Executive Committee member of IFAMA and IFAMA Europe, and Chairman of WICaNeM.

Esben Laulund
Esben LaulundChairman of Danish Food Cluster and Senior VP at Chr. Hansen A/S



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